Indicash ATM Franchisee Opportunity

Enjoy all ATM services, just like any other bank ATM:

  • Customers of all banks in India can enjoy services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement, and pin change.
  • Accepts all domestic debit cards* issued by banks in India. Cards issued outside India are not accepted.
  • Intuitive user interface with multilingual messaging for ease of usage for consumers across various regions.
  • Privacy screen filters, keypad shields, electronic surveillance for completely secure transactions.
  • EMV Enabled dip ATM Machines to ensure that cards are not swallowed.

Indicash ATM services for Carded users

All Bank Cards Accepted*

Cash Withdrawal

Balance Enquiry

Mini Statement

Pin Change

Fast Cash

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A Complete Guide to be an Indicash ATM Franchisee

1. What is an ATM Franchise business?

An ATM Franchise is a promising business opportunity for established or aspirant entrepreneurs, to earn by operating and managing White Label ATM/s. It is a high margin, asset lite cum minimal investment business, whereby you can earn with every cash and non-cash transactions undertaken at a WLA ATM.

2. Is ATM Franchisee a good business opportunity?

Yes, given the low penetration of ATMs in the country across tiers, with only 22 ATMs available per lac population, there is a high demand for ATMs in India. If you are looking for a business opportunity that gives you a healthy return on investment with minimal investments ATM Franchise is a good option for you to consider.

3. How can I be an Indicash ATM Franchisee?

You can be an Indicash ATM Franchisee in 4 simple steps:
Choose from any of the Indicash ATM Franchisee business models:
Option 1: Onsite Model where you can select an existing Indicash ATM location for starting a Franchise business.
Option 2: Offsite Model where you can propose a self- owned/leased, high footfall commercial space of 60-80 sq ft.
Once the site is shortlisted, simply enter into a contractual agreement, and complete the onboarding process.
Make a minimal investment of approx. ₹ 3 lac to run the daily ATM operations and pay one- time refundable deposit of upto ₹ 2 lacs*.
Get trained, launch the ATM operations, and start earning with every transaction from day one.

4. What is required to be an Indicash ATM Franchisee?

The following are the pre-requisites to be an Indicash ATM Franchisee
Financial ability to invest a minimum of ₹ 5 lacs i.e. ₹ 2 lac as Refundable Deposit* and approx. ₹ 3 lacs as investment to manage and undertake the daily ATM operations.
Entrepreneurial spirit to manage and grow the business with complete ownership.
60-80 sq ft of commercial shop in high footfall location (in case of offsite model)
Sound Personal and Business Credentials

5. What is the investment, I need to make to start an Indicash ATM Franchise?

The cost of starting an Indicash ATM Franchise is comparatively low. You can start being an Indicash ATM Franchisee by making a minimum investment of ₹ 2 lacs as a one-time refundable* deposit and approx. ₹ 3 lacs to run the daily ATM operations.

6. I have no experience in handling the ATM operations, will I be able to manage and operate an Indicash ATM Franchise?

Indicash officials will be extending the necessary support as part of the onboarding process to train you on handling the daily ATM operations like First Level Maintenance (FLM), Cash Loading and Cash handling etc., Moreover dedicated resources will be available to support the Franchisee on a regular basis for undertaking smooth business operations.

7. What are the responsibilities of the Indicash ATM Franchisee Partner?

The broad scope of responsibilities of Indicash ATM Franchisee Partner are:
Ensuring the ATM room is customer ready before the launch (Civil, Carpentry etc)
Managing Regular Site Related Expenses – Site Rentals, Electricity Bill Payment, Housekeeping and regular site upkeep and maintenance, refurbishing branding as required etc.,
Managing Daily ATM operations – In Time Cash Loadings, Handling First Level Maintenance (FLM) Instances, ATM inaugural and promotion in neighbourhood as per Indicash Branding Guidelines, Regular site upkeep and maintenance
Post Go Live – Ensuring the ATM operations are managed and operated ethically and in sync with Tata Brand Reputation & set guidelines.

8. Is there any lock in period as part of the arrangement?

Yes, there is a minimum lock in period of 1 year. A clawback of ₹ 1 lac will be applicable if the franchisee partner exits the business within 1 year.

9. How much can I earn by being an ATM Franchisee?

With Indicash ATM Franchisee you can earn with every transaction from day one with no minimum transaction criteria. Depending on the business ownership undertaken by the franchisee partner and the location potential, an ATM franchisee owner can earn a healthy and a steady Return on Investment ranging between 33% to 50% plus. As an introductory offer you can earn up to ₹ 8 for every cash transaction and up to ₹ 2 for every non- cash transaction.

10. Why should I opt for Indicash ATM Franchisee?

Indicash ATM network, is the first RBI licensed WLA network in the country and one of the largest WLA ATM brand. Indicash ATM Franchise gives you an opportunity to be associated with a reputed and trusted TATA backed ATM network. You can rely on our proven track record and expertise in managing extensive ATM networks. With this asset lite business model, you can start your entrepreneurial journey with minimal investments and earn healthy returns of up to 33% in year 1 itself. Moreover, you can contribute to empower Indians across the country with Cash accessibility by expanding the ATM network.